Holistic Doctors Atlanta

Holistic Doctors Atlanta

When thinking about your health, you might not get up each morning and wonder how many digestive juices are flowing through your pancreas or what is firing within your brain. Instead, you may sit up and wonder how you are feeling in general. Your internal barometer for what is healthy is similar to what holistic doctors in Atlanta will address, but it dives even deeper.

Looking at your latest doctor visit, they probably ordered some labs, took your blood pressure, and asked if anything was bothering you. From there, it is normal to send patients off to specialists for further examination. Every specialist will only look at one aspect of your health: sleep, your stomach, the heart, and other areas. They may not look at your body as a whole or trying to determine why the body may not be running properly, to begin with. This is where holistic medical services can help. 

What is Holistic Medicine? 

This is an approach where functional medicine providers look at the whole person and how the body and mind connect. What this does is offer more understanding of the best course of treatment. To put it simply, holistic doctors in Atlanta treats the person rather than just isolating part of them. 

There are three unique components to working on a holistic approach with integrative medicine doctors, including: 

  • Mind and Body Connection – There is a bit of an imaginary wall between the body and mind with conventional medicine. A primary care physician or specialist will look at what is happening in one part of the body without considering that other factors may play a role – including anxiety, trauma, stress, life changes, and more.
  • Understand the Patient Inside and Out – Holistic medicine providers get to know the whole you, which means asking in-depth questions that other doctors may not have asked in the past. They will ask about childhood, relationships, various major life events, work, lifestyle, and more. This is an understanding of many things that could play a role in how your daily life might impact your health and well-being. Holistic providers bring light to any missing pieces that can help with further developing a tailored care plan.
  • Personalized Attention – Piggybacking off what is mentioned above, your integrative medicine provider gathers details about your emotional and physical health before diving into advanced testing to make personalized recommendations. Rather than getting basic advice or throwing medications and the symptoms you are having, this is a detailed plan to get you on a course to feeling your best each day. 

For many people, the traditional way of doing things does not work for them. This is why so many people are now looking into holistic measures to answer why they are dealing with wellness issues. When working with holistic doctors in Atlanta, you can receive the individualized attention you need to receive treatment as a person, as a whole – rather than just taking a prescription to mask your symptoms. 

Call ‌(888)381-8556 to talk with us at The M Center about setting up a time for an initial consultation. We are happy to address whatever questions or concerns you have regarding your health and take a new, holistic approach.

Holistic Doctors Atlanta
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Holistic Doctors Atlanta
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