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In the midst of the COVID pandemic, many sources of stress and declining mental health have grown more severe. Rates of drug abuse and overdose increased in 2020 and will likely increase again in 2021, and that’s not even touching on the direct effects of COVID. Half a million Americans and counting have seen their lives cut short, leaving millions of their friends and family members in mourning.

People are more stressed and isolated than ever; this is why California State and BeWellLine have partnered with each other. Our ultimate goal is to make support, community, and mental health support available to everyone in our community. If you live in California, we can help you.

Care Through the FEMA Crisis Counselling Assistance and Training Program (CCP)

The state of California has decided to enact the CCP, which provisions non-clinical crisis support for people in disaster or crisis areas. BeWellLine is the organization that’s working to administer this care directly. Ideally, the FEMA Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program will enhance your existing support structure and help you maintain your mental health throughout the crisis. However, the program is also meant to make emotional and crisis support resources available to everyone, especially those who lack other support mechanisms.

Types of Counseling

BeWellLine strives to be inclusive and to meet the people we wish to help where they are. As such, we appreciate that there’s no one communication medium that’s suitable for everyone. Some people find comfort in the voice of another person, while others find phone calls to provoke anxiety. As such, BeWellLine allows you to seek counseling from us via phone call, text chat, or web conferences.


Phone calls are some of the most popular ways for people in crisis situations to reach out, for various reasons. If your internet isn’t particularly fast or stable or you simply prefer phone calls, we’re here for you.

Online Chat

Some people find an aversion to audio and video calls and see them as sources of stress. Online chat is a key component of how BeWellLine is making our services as accessible, convenient, and practical as possible.

Web Conference

Web conferences have become extremely popular during the pandemic for work as well as casual communication. As such, we’ve made sure that people have the option of using Wellnes Ppl’s services in group or family web conferences.

Crisis Support Program


There’s no replacement for rich, close community ties. In light of this, BeWellLine has made connecting communities throughout California a key tenet of our program.

Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

It can be hard to take care of yourself in a crisis, but this will only exacerbate your declining mental health. Guidance, instruction, and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic form an important part of our counseling program.

Find Someone to Listen

Sharing your struggles with someone who cares can be deeply therapeutic. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can find it in your BeWellLine counseling sessions. Our medical experts and other members of your community will be there to listen to your stories, relate their own, and help you get through this.

Reach Out Today

Everyone is entitled to the community resources and support that BeWellLine and California state are offering. If you’ve been struggling through the pandemic alone or feel like you need greater guidance and support, then your next step is clear. Get in touch with us today to arrange a counseling session or learn more about how we can help you.

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